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Different Types of Roses


Giving roses continues to be a classic way to make a statement and roses can be sent to a loved one, given to a friend, and used to celebrate a special occasion. Roses are traditionally used at weddings as a symbol of romantic love and are used at funerals to honor the passing of a loved one. Aside from any special celebrations or occasions, roses are also a great way to brighten up a room or a desk at work. It is important to remember when choosing from different types of roses that the color of roses usually carries a specific meaning. Different types of roses can send a message of anything from love to friendship and more. So choose your different types of roses carefully.

For example, by sending someone you love a red rose or bouquet of red roses, you are sending him or her your love, admiration, and desire. There are few flowers that carry with them such a strong message of love. Purple roses can be given to the object of your affection to show that you have fallen for him or her and very first sight. Purple roses will send the message that you find the recipient irresistible. But be careful, purple roses do signify enchantment, but they do not carry the meaning of permanence! And while most colors of roses symbolize both gratitude and love, the pink rose is the type of rose that most strongly expresses these emotions. Depending on the shade of pink rose, the meaning can differ as well. For example, a dark pink rose symbolizes thanks and light pink roses symbolize admiration or sympathy. Yellow roses used to symbolize jealousy, while today they are typically used to convey feelings of friendship and joy. Today, the white rose is used to symbolize purity and innocence.

Because different types of roses mean different things, take the time to understand their different meanings and then choose your roses accordingly.