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Rare Roses


Today, the most popular rose is the red rose and it is traditionally used to send a message of love and devotion. And though this type of rose is a great way to convey your emotions, rare roses are also a unique way to send a message to someone you love or admire. There are a variety of types of roses and myriad colors that roses grow naturally. Many rare roses, however, have to be man made. For example, there is such thing as a blue rose, but this type of rose has to be altered by hand. Typically a white rose is placed in blue dye and then soaks up the blue color. And while in nature there are no black roses, deep red roses are sometimes used for black roses. But to create rare roses and different colored roses, dyes are most commonly used on white or lighter-colored roses.

Rose care for rare roses is simple and doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part. To care for your roses, just make sure that they have and adequate amount of water and are not exposed to any harsh elements. To help your flowers last longer, you can add a little plant food to the water as well. Most types of roses will last up to a couple of weeks if you care for them properly. If any of your roses start to droop or wilt, trim them back and leave the remaining roses that are on display.